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Regulation and Manuals

University Regulation (changed)
University Manual of Teachers Staff Formation
University Manual of Chairs
University Manual of Election of Head of the Chair
University Manual of Election of Dean of the Faculty
University Manual of "Best Scientific Work" Competition
University Claimant Regulation
Regulation of Council of Faculty and the Ruls of Elections of Scientific Council and Council of Faculty of University
Regulation of retraining and raising the level of skill of university teaching staff
Regulation of Educational-Publishing Council of university
Employment Manual for Contract-based, Hour-based and Combine jobs
Manual for organizing adoption and discussion of attendings in chairs
Manual of work organizing of Faculty Council Competition Commission
Language Center Regulation
Student Discipline
Manuel of Using University Scientific Library
Academic Council Regulation
Rules on credit system (its goals, objectives and functions) to organize the educational process in YSLU
Rules on YSLU Career Center
Rules on YSLU
Rules on YSLU
Rules on YSLU
Rules on Final State Qualification of YSLU Graduating Student
Rules of YSLU International Relations Depatment
Rules on Chairs Annual Plan and Report Preparation
Rules on Forming Subject Educational-methodological Package
Rules on MA Methodological Council
Rules on Research Center of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication and Education Systemization
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