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History, management, departments

Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov is the successor of Russian Two-year Teacher Training Institute established on February 4, 1935.
In 1936 the Section of German Language, and a year later French and English Sections were created and in 1948 reorganised into Departments.
In 1937 the Institute turned out the first graduates – teachers of Russian Language.
In 1940 it was reorganised into Yerevan State Russian Teachers’ Training Institute.
In 1955 while preserving its structural and academic independence the University became a department of Yerevan State University.
In 1962 it regained its former status and was renamed into Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute of Russian and Foreign Languages after Valery Brusov. Advanced courses of compulsory public and specialized secondary school teachers’ training functioned at the Institute from 1979 to 1991.
In 1985 the Institute was awarded the Friendship of Nations Order.
In 1993 it was renamed into Yerevan State Institute of Foreign Languages after Valery Brusov.
In 1999 the basic lyceum was founded.
In 2001 in compliance with the RA Government resolution the Institute was granted the status of University and renamed into Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov. Throughout the whole period of its functioning the Institute had more than 50000 graduates, specialists of Russian, English, French, German, Spanish languages, practical psychology, history, political science, area studies, etc. The process of structural changes is still continuing and in the near future they will provide an opportunity to train professionals who meet the new demands of the republic.

The YSLU staff is comprised of 477 members including the instructing staff of 434 members, 189 members are on full-time position, 48 of them hold more than one office, 12 Doctors of Science, 14 Professors, 102 Candidates of Science, and 54 Assistant Professors.

The University Management Bodies

The University Council
The University Academic Council
The Rector of the University


The Department of Foreign Languages
The Department of Russian Language, Literature and Foreign Languages
The Department of Linguistics and Intercultural communication


1. The Chair of Linguistics and Theory of Communication
2. The Chair of the Armenian Study
3. The Chair of English Communication
4. The Chair of English Phonetics and Grammar
5. The Chair of the English language (minor)
6. The Chair of the French language
7. The Chair of the German language
8. The Chair of Russian and Slavonic Linguistics
9. The Chair of Literary Studies
10. The Chair of Pedagogies and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching
11. Chair of Psychology and Social Sciences
12. The Chair of the Second Foreign Language
13. The Chair of Physical Training and Emergency Cases
14. UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies
15. UNESCO Chair on Education Management and Planning

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