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Suren Zolyan
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Main Publications

1. The structure of behaviour describing language. - In: Trudy po znakovym systemam, Tartu, 1977. (in Russian)
2. The interrelations between linguistic and poetic senses. Yerevan, 1985. (in Russian)
3. Sharakan. The Armenian medieval spiritual poetry. Compilation, translation from old-Armenian, comments. Yerevan, 1990. (in Russian)
4. The structure and semantics of a poetic text. Yerevan, 1991. (in Russian)
5. Nagorno-Karabakh and Around It: as seen by Independent Observers. Yerevan, 1989, second supplemented. 1992. (In Russian)
6. The CSCE and Regional Conflicts.Yerevan, 1994. (in Russian)
7. The description of a regional conflict as a methodological problem. - In: "Polis", Moscow, 1994, No 2. (in Russian).
8. Entstehungsgeschichte und actuelle probleme des Karabagh Konflicts - In: Krisenherd Kaukasus. Baden-Baden. Nationen und Nationalitaten in Osteuropa, Bd. 2, 1995.
9. Modality as a text, plot and metaphor. - In: New literary review (Novoje literarurnoje obozrenije), Moscow (in Russian).
10. Conflict as a Logic-Semantic Problem. - In: Synopsis, v.5, Yerevan, 1995.
11. The Problem and the Conflict - an attempt of logic-semantic analysis. - In: "Polis", .4, 1996 (in Russian).
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