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Career Centre

E-mail: careercentre@brusov.am

YSLU Career Centre is the only in-University structure that deals with YSLU alumni employment problems

YSLU Career Centre was founded on November 3, 2007, according to YSLU Academic Council decision. The main objectives of the Centre are to improve students and graduates competitiveness in labour market, to establish university-graduate relations, to develop the cooperation between them, to solve the set up problems.

Presently the Centre is in the stage of formation and establishment. Complicated problems, which the Centre has put forward, require new and special approaches.

The Centre offers cooperation with those organizations and individuals that are interested in it.

In the period of transition to market relations students employment problem became one of the key problems. In contrast to the Soviet Union period, when in conditions of planned economy students employment problem was solved according to the centralized method, nowadays students have to find a job relying on their own efforts, which is rather difficult because of objective and subjective reasons. Unfortunately quite often students graduating from higher educational institutions are occupied in the area, which is not suitable for their higher education. In such confusing conditions of the difficult system of labour market the problem of young specialists guidance, improvement of students competitiveness in labour market becomes the main goal of YSLU Career Centre.

In many countries of the world the great part of leading universities financial means is being created due to students support and university-graduate relations. During its 75-year way YSLU has given a galaxy of more than 50000 highly qualified specialists of Russian,English,French,Italian, Spanish languages,as well as in practical psychology,political science,area studies,etc. It is obvious that in conditions of such a great potential, a new method of working process organization, new approaches and possibilities, formation of qualitative new relations of university-graduate have again become a key problem.

Objectives and Framework of YSLU Career Centre

The two main target-groups of the Centre are students and graduates. To reach the set up goals the Centre plans to cooperate with the following groups:

  • Academic-pedagogical staff
  • Different in-University substructures
  • Private and state organizations, employers and entrepreneurs
  • International organizations, NGOs, and other organizations and individuals that are interested in cooperation process
Main objectives of YSLU Career Centre are

  • To systematize activities directed to YSLU students and graduates employment problems
  • To organize YSLU students work experience parallel to education process
  • To establish close relations between YSLU students, graduates and potential employers
  • To carry out research among YSLU students and graduates, to sum up information on both local and international labour market development trends
  • To provide consultations on YSLU students and graduates employment and other problems, to organize trainings, seminars and measures, to spread corresponding information
  • To establish constant relations and cooperation between graduates and the University, as well as to involve the graduates into YSLU problems solving process
  • To establish constant relations between those YSLU graduates who have made a great contribution to the spheres of science, art, culture, social life, etc.

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Phone: 53 02 72 /ext. 5 29/

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