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Computer Centre
Vardan Vardanyan
Head of Computer Center, YSLU after V.Brusov, Candidate of Technical Science, Assistant Professor
E-mail: vvardan@brusov.am
Tel: 58-20-42
The goals of the Computer Centre of Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov are research and utilization of new information technologies in education process and scientific researches; teaching computers and information technologies in the University; computer printing; providing service and upgrading of computer equipment.

The basic aims of the Centre:

  • study and utilization of information technologies in foreign languages teaching,
  • study and utilization of distance learning,
  • advanced technology utilization in linguistic studies,
  • teaching "Computer Sciences" and "Computer translation",
  • organizing and processing innovative computer teaching courses,
  • devising and publishing teaching and methodological materials on information technologies,
  • computer design and prototyping of materials presented by "Lingua" Publishing House,
  • design, updating and running the www.brusov.am internet site,
  • creating the electronic versions of published materials to be available on the University web-site
  • utilizing specialized electronic library database
  • studies of international experience of advanced technology utilization in linguistic studies
  • periodical checking of computers and computer equipments, installing of new program packages, testing, updating,
  • Local computer network administration, exploitation and enhancement.

  • Staff

    Nazik ElchakyanNazik Elchakyan
    Engineer, Computer Centre, YSLU after V.Brusov
    E-mail: nazik@brusov.am
    Tel: 58-20-42

    Satenik ArakelyanSatenik Arakelyan
    Engineer, Computer Centre, YSLU after V.Brusov
    E-mail: satenik_a@brusov.am
    Tel: 58-20-42

    Sergey HayrapetyanSergey Hayrapetyan
    Senior Engineer, Computer Centre, YSLU after V.Brusov
    E-mail: administrator@brusov.am
    Tel: 58-20-42

    Magda MkhitaryanMagda Mkhitaryan
    Engineer, Computer Centre, YSLU after V.Brusov
    E-mail: compclaster@brusov.am
    Tel: 58 20 42

    Tigran FarshyanTigran Farshyan
    Engineer, Computer Centre, YSLU after V.Brusov
    Tel: 582042

    Centre Constitution: docs/kentron_usta2003verjnakan.doc
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