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Center For Research on Democracy and Civil Society
Mikael Zolyan
Head of Center For Research on Democracy and Civil Society
E-mail: democracy@brusov.am

The Center for research on democracy and civil society is a subdivision of the Yerevan State Linguistic University. Its aims and objectives are.
  • To promote research of issues of democracy and civil society within the YSLU;
  • To promote teaching of courses exploring issues related to development of democracy and civil society;
  • To assist the integration of the YSLU into a common European educational space;
  • To support contacts and cooperation between YSLU and other educational institutions in Armenia and abroad;
  • To encourage the students’ interest in issues of democracy and civil society.
The activities of the center include.
  • Research on issues of democracy and civil society;
  • Organization of academic events on issues of democracy and civil society (conferences, seminars, presentations, public lectures, roundtables, etc.), dissemination of information regarding academic events in Armenia and abroad;
  • Establishing contacts between the academic community of the YSLU and universities in Europe, America, Soviet Union and other regions
  • Extra-curricular activities for students (Public lectures, trainings and presentations, roundtables and debates, film screenings and discussions).
Conferences and seminars

"Identity in a Changing World"

`Identity in a Changing World` - that was the subject of a scientific conference held in YSLU on July 11-12. Center for Research on Democracy and Civil Society, recently created within our university, organized this measure.

About fifty young political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, ethnologists, historians and specialists working in other fields of social science took part in the conference. Participants represented universities and research institutions from Armenia, United States, Canada, Germany, Argentina, and Turkey.

A number of topical issues were discussed in the course of conference, such as `Identity as a Process: Identity Transformations`, `History, Myth, Identity`, `Challenges of Group Identity`, `Identity and Self-cognition`. According to YSLU Rector Suren Zolyan, identity should be viewed in connection with the process of dialogue and intercultural communication. “Because identity also is a process, and different component are interacting within this process”, Zolyan added. Language, motherland, cultural/historical heritage are among similar key components.

Present conference is considered a sequential of initiatives realized by YSLU in recent period. Thus, two years ago, the conference `Research of Ethnological and Historical Prospects of Identity` was conducted jointly with Berlin University after Humboldt. In 2006, `Armenia: European Prospects` conference, devoted to the issues of European identity, was held.

Conference publications


A new book has been published by the YSLU: a collection of articles, which contains the proceedings of the conference “Identities in a Changing World”, organized by the Center for Research on Democracy and Civil Society. The authors of the book include researchers from different fields of social sciences, such as psychology, history, political science, international relations, conflict studies, cultural anthropology. The geography of the institutions that the authors represent is also quite diverse: apart from the leading universities and research centers of Armenia among the authors there are also representatives of universities from Canada, USA and Argentina. What unites all the contributors to the volume is their interest in the issues of identity, whether on a global, regional or national level.
Download the book in PDF http://www.brusov.am/docs/Identity_Articles_final.pdf


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