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Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education

Sonya Zakaryan

Head of the Centre

E-mail: sonyazakaryan@yahoo.co.uk

Centre for Communication, and Special Approaches to Education is a subdivision of Yerevan State Linguistic University.


Social cohesion, promoted by communication
• Promotion of efficient linguistic tools development for professional mobility of interaction (professional and other special educational problem people)


• To promote dynamic expansion of new linguistic issues, integration of new linguistic approaches in the process of education within and out of the YSLU frames (seminars/round tables/workshops)
• To promote dissemination and raise awareness of the above mentioned novelties among educators and learners (piloting programs, on-line communication and libraries)
• To assist the integration of the YSLU into a common European educational /social space through the above mentioned steps (supporting direct systematic contacts and cooperation between YSLU and other educational /social institutions in Armenia and abroad; provision of linguistic tools of communication for student and adult learning professionals of any social group
• To encourage the students’ involvements in all the above mentioned activities, (special problem students’, inclusive ) resolving generation gap with tolerance


Researches and publications on Communication and special approaches to education, ref.
• Organization of academic intercultural and cross-cultural activities (in-class and extra-class) facilitating newly developed linguistic models of communication and special attitudes) with the enrollment of the afore mentioned social groups (academic classes, public lectures, workshops and seminars, round tables, etc.)
• Promoting interactive contacts in the academic community of the YSLU and between universities and other institutions or organizations in RA and abroad


1. May 3-12, 2005."Accessible Education for Everybody"

Seminar organized by YSLU after V. Brusov, American Council of International Education, Bridge of Hope NGO.


• Exploring the role of minorities in development of open society
• Recognizing the role of young people in raising awareness and responsibility managing stereotypes in society
• Accessibility of education for everybody with no age restrictions
• Perspectives of "Accessible Education" in Armenian universities

2. October18.2005. "Education with No Age Restrictions"

Scientific workshop organized by Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov “Special Educational Needs” program of European Centre for Modern Languages and Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

V. Brusov University Conference Hall
Official languages: Armenian, English, Armenian Sign Language


• Scientific exchange. Dissemination of productive models of scientific interaction
• Promotion of scientific mobility. Enhancing interactivity and integration of various spheres
• Managing stereotypes. ”Education with no age restrictions”

3.2005 November 11 «Club of Cultures»

Event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the University was organized within the frames of European Center for Modern Languages (ECML) "Special Educational Needs" program, Council of Europe. The program goal is social cohesion achieved by efficient linguistic tools for interaction, at large and intercultural communication, in particular.

4. November 13, 2006. Meeting with Kim Hartzner

Mission East” human aid organization managing director for Armenia.
Held by Armenian Coordination Centre of “Special Educational Needs” (SEN) Program with the assistance of YSLU Student Council and “Bridge of Hope”, NGO RA.

1. Raising awareness on disability and SEN problems
2. Disability problems in the scope of “human rights”

Kim Hartzner delivered a lecture on “Disability Problems in relation to " Human Rights Protection" : International Experience”. Sonya Zakaryan, SEN Coordinator in Armenia, emphasized the importance of the problems raised, for the YSLU with twenty students with disabilities, in particular, who need a special assistance to gain personal identity and full membership in the society.

5. March 19, 2009.“Healthy Communication for Healthy Lifestyles”

The opening ceremony of the “Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education” took place in YSLU after V. Brusov.

The subject of the interprofessional round-table discussion was “Healthy Communication for Healthy Lifestyles”, the aim of which was to develop new communicative and special educational approaches for healthy lifestyles.

6 .October 24, 2009 ‘‘Scientific commumication and productive means of its realization ’’

YSLU ‘’Centre for communication and special approaches to education ‘’ organized a round table (october 24, 2009 ) ‘’Scientific commumicationand productive means of its realization ’’, with students’, lecturers’ and the FLIC dean’s participation .
The goal: provision of productive models for scientific research organization.
The objectives: management of researches ( planning paper structure, etc.)
Problems raised: The research and students’ motivation and productivity promotion .
Provisions on new approaches:
• Interdisciplinary literature inclusion in researches,
• Fostering team work,
• Investigation of learners’ individual and special educational needs,
• Problem solution to foster the learners’ motivation and enrollment in scientific activities.

7. November 6, 2009

“ Scientific Communication for Cultural Integrity ” Interdisciplinary Scientific Workshop held at YSLU for social and cultural solidarity organized by THE CENTRE for COMMUNICATION and SPECIAL APPROACHES to EDUCATION, The CHAIR OF ENGLISH COMMUNICATION,YSLU after V. Brusov
Goal: Cross-cultural communication for cultural integrity
Objective: Provision of effective tools for productive scientific communication:
a) managing stereotypes by means of tolerance and mutual understanding fostering
b) openness and constructive thinking
c) mobility and popularization of scientific thought

Activities : Round table with interactive reading and interchange of thoughts, presentations,
Preparation of articles and abstracts for publication

“We must try to create new rules of lifestyle, refresh the culture, since educational developments cannot do without it .” – marked S. Zakaryan, head of the Centre for communication and special approaches to education

The unembarrassed atmosphere of the conference discussions expanded between the readers of scientific thoughts and authors of various age groups, as well as its openness were asset for effective interaction at the event.

8. 30.11.2009 ’’Musical Communicant’’ Musical Educational Program

November 30,2009 the YSLU “Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education” organized ‘’Musical Communicant’’ musical-educational program, held by the above mentioned centre and Yerevan State Conservatoire.
The round table was held by Seda Sheyranyan, associate professor and professor Vazgen Minasyan, YSC.
The linguistic objectives of the event were:
-Listening and to brainstoring ,
- developing discourse material,
- translation,
- discussion,
- problem solution.

Analyzing the issue of the talk the students developed the communication material to provide the partner musicians with new linguistic tools for effective foreign language communication .

9. 03.12.2009 Cross-cultural Communication at the Agency of Tourism

December 3,2009 YSLU “Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education” organized
‘’Crosscultural Communication’’, interactive class with the participation of the university students and the agency specialists.
The linguistic objectives of the meeting were;
– developing speaking skills and assessing professional linguistic competence,
– the study of key features and communicative activities of the sphere,
– discussion and problem solution.

. The educational effect of the communicative activity:
– fostering the development of effective tools for communicative language learning,
– enhancing crosscultural communication.

10. February 15, 2010

The Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education and the Department of English as the second language of YSLU organized a round-table seminar concerning the coordination of new educational approaches implementation processes in the university, 2nd foreign languages chairs and the YSLU chair of pedagogics and methods of foreign languages teaching, participating
The aim: unification of new educational processes in YSLU departments.
The objectives:
1. formation of new work groups for multilinguial education at bachelor and magistracy departments,
2. organization of the activities concerning the creation of student passport,
3. codesign of module tests and student assessment criteria,
4. joint organization of seminars, monitorings and programming.
The Center for Communication and Special Approaches to Education introduced materials for new educational approaches;
• Newly developed , updated and motivated course guides for ‘’Communication” classes
• Students’ newly developed self-assessment papers for the subjects of “Communication”: “Reading Skills” and “Speaking Skills”, as components of student portfolio
• New module test samples for the subject of “Communication”, revealing the learners’ communicative skills and fostering their creativity
• Proposals on new ways of students’ individual work organization as a new step in student-centered education policy.

11. March 5, 2010

‘’ Musical Communicant ’’
Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education collaborated withYSC after Komitas

Organized musical communication dedicated to the 75th anniversary of YSLU after V. Brusov and Women’s Day

Conducted by Seda Sheiranyan and Vazgen Minasyan, Professors of YSC.

The aim of the activity: Cultural cohesion by means of cross-cultural communication with no age or biopsychsocial restrictions.

12. June 3, 2010

“On Crossways of Cultures”

YSLU Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education and Library Department for Public Events organized cross cultural communication in the art gallery of Zulum Grigoryan, honoured artist of RA. The event was dedicated to the 75 th anniversary of YSLU after V. Brusov and the artists 70th birthday.

Regulation of the Centre for Communication and Special Approaches to Education

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