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The Department of Masters Degree Programs Coordination at YSLU is governed by H. Madoyan.

In 2008-2009 YSLU has set up a two-degree system, including Bachelors and Masters degrees. The Study for Masters at YSLU presumes the choice of specific aspect of specialty with the aim of getting thorough practical and theoretical knowledge.

Outstanding Armenian and foreign specialists are included in the process of study. The study for Masters degree at YSLU offers the following specialties:



“Foreign language and literature”

  • Pedagogy
  • Philology
  • Pedagogical psychology
  • “Russian and literature”

  • Pedagogy
  • Philology

  • “Linguistics and Intercultural Communication”
  • International relations
  • Political science
  • Area studies
  • International tourism
  • Anthropology

  • “Education Management and Planning”

    “International Journalism”

    All present 465 students – 159 free of charge and 306 paid, are studying for Masters degree.

    The list of subjects taught I Masters degree:
    1. The Chair of Armenian Study
    2. The Chair of French Language
    3. The Chair of Linguistics and Theory of Communication
    4. The Chair of English Phonetics and Grammar
    5. The Chair of German Language
    6. The Chair of English Communication
    7. The Chair of Second Foreign Language
    8. The Chair of English Language (minor)
    9. The Chair of Russian and Slavonic Linguistics
    10. The Chair of Foreign Literary Studies
    11. The Chair of Pedagogy and Foreign Language Teaching Methology
    12. The Chair of UNESCO on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies
    13. The Chair of UNESCO on Education Management and Planning

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