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Francophone Digital Center of Information

Rouzanna Ghaltaghchyan

Center coordinator

E-mail: cnferevan@brusov.am

Francophone digital center of information, being an independent structural subdivision at Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov, aims at the modernization of the educational process and scientific researches carried out through information and communication technologies (ICT).
The center was established on the initiative of the Association of Francophone Universities and has been functioning since September the 1st, 2008.

The objectives of the center are the following:

o to inform the population in Armenia about the activities and all the plans of the Association of Francophone Universities.
o to make it more available via special information network to gain access to various electronic documents and materials concerning the teaching process.
o to do a joint work with partner- universities with the purpose of creating a storehouse of on-line system- based materials being a supplement to the present courses of studies.
o gradually, at the local level, to train specialists (who would support lecturers) for making use of the system, in order to get acquainted with the network structure, to create web-sites and particularly to make up - courses of studies.
o to foster the implementation of methodical and scientific researches and to contribute to their dissemination internationally.
o to make up courses based on the on- line system which might be introduced in distance learning with the aim of receiving inter- university diploma or diplomas.
o to make all the information included in scientific magazines, periodicals and in other sources available for the modernization of education in higher educational establishments and of scientific researches.
o to further scientific cooperation protecting the copyright of the participants.

The directions of the activity are:

o to inform students and scientific workers of YSLU and of other educational and scientific research establishments in Armenia about the resources of the center, as well as about the way how to make use of it.
o to support students and lecturers of YSLU and of other universities in Armenia during their scientific researches.
o to provide services during the education and exam sessions of the people receiving a distance learning.
o to establish relations with other centers of the region.

How to make use of the center?

The center is open for different members of the University and for all those people outside the University who are in need of using its services. It is intended for the students, lecturers and scientific researchers from the member institutions of the Association of Francophone Universities, who want to get acquainted particularly with the primary sources and to use the storehouses of technical and scientific data.
The services of the center are to be paid for: 1000 (one thousand) drams as an annual membership fee; and for each ordered document a certain amount of dram equivalent to 2 (two) euros.

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