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Yerevan State Linguistic University views the active integration of the Armenian educational system into the international educational and scientific system as the central objective of its international activities.
The YSLU involvement with the international educational institutions and organizations is carried out in the following ways:

  • Participating in international educational programs;
  • Making inter-university cooperation agreements and implementating joint projects in the areas of education and science;
  • Training students and teaching staff, professional development.

  • Armenia’s independence marked the beginning of a new phase in the University’s international relations.
    While continuing to develop its traditional relations, the University embarked on a new level of international interaction, and specifically engaged in cooperation with international organizations and educational structures of the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the CIS and other international organizations in the areas of language policy and teaching.
    The University collaborates with the Language Policy Department of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), the Council of Europe Center for Modern European Languages (Graz, Austria), and the UNESCO language education program “The Southern Caucasus-Prometheus”. The University participates in the activities of the Organization for Training Methodology in Culture and Language Education of the CIS Council and is a member of the International Linguistic Association.
    In conjunction with the Council of Europe’s Department for European Languages, the University organized international conferences on Language Policy in Multilingual and Multicultural Europe (1997) and Foreign Languages in Armenia: New Approaches and Educational Programs (1998). The conferences attracted participation of specialists from France, Switzerland, Russia and Belarus.
    The Department for Languages of the Council of Europe selected Brusov University as a primary partner institution in Armenia for organizing events related to The European Year of Languages - 2001.
    In 2001, the Chair of UNESCO Human Rights and Democracy Studies was established at the University. In the same year, under the auspices of UNESCO, the Third International Conference of Teacher Training Universities of the Southern Caucasus was held.
    The interaction within the CIS framework has evolved in a new direction and is currently carried out in accordance with decisions made by the CIS Heads of States and the CIS Council of Culture and Language.
    For many years, the University has been collaborating with European Universities in the area of foreign language teaching. Since 1997, the University has expanded its international relations.
    It collaborates with the Paris XII University and has established contacts with the Aix-en-Provence University, France. The University also collaborates with Berkeley University, USA, the Linguistic Universities of Moscow and Belarus, as well as the Universities of Alma-Ata and Bishkek. Since 2002, YSLU has been engaged in cooperative interaction with the United States of America Dickinson, North Dakota, Berkley and Syracuse Universities.
    Close cooperation established with German DAAD and OAAD, and Austrian OSD international organizations provides the University students and teachers with an opportunity to expand their knowledge base and to improve their qualifications at various German and Austrian Universities. Lately, the University has been involved and successfully collaborates with the CICAC (Caucasus International Consortium for Academic Cooperation) Consortium and TEMPUS “Reflective Dialogue on Human Values in Teaching Education” educational program.
    In 1999, with the support and participation of Austrian specialists, the Brusov University was authorized to organize and administer German tests, for those interested in obtaining an OSD language certificate.
    Specialists from the USA, Germany, France and other countries regularly visit Brusov University for instruction purposes.
    The University’s international relations are not limited only to the area of teaching. The YSLU scholars often participate in conferences devoted to foreign language studies and teaching, Slavonic studies, Literature, Social Sciences, Armenian studies, which are held in the CIS republics and other countries of the world.
    At the same time, the University organizes various international academic conferences with the participation of specialists from different CIS and European countries.
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