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The scientific library of the State Linguistic University was founded in 1936.

Number of seats in reading halls: 135


Computer class room connected to the local network with the access to Internet. Fund of literature is 450000 copies including 50000 scientific and 23000 foreign publications. It is collected according to the following specialties: philology, linguistics, philosophy, paleontology, area studies, sociology, psychology, history, law.

The fund of fiction is the richest part containing the best publications of the Armenian, European and Russian classics of the XIX- XX centuries. The literature on linguistics as well as educational literature in English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian and Persian is richly presented in the fund. It also encompasses the Library of the World Children Literature, 200 volumes of World Literature, “Britanica", "World Book", "People and Places" ¨ "Great Books of the Western World" encyclopedias, explanatory dictionaries, dictionaries, thesaurus, guides and manuals. For the recent decade the fund was replenished with the addition of new books presented by the accredited Embassies in Armenia as well as donations received from private libraries.

The fund of unique (rare) books, amounting to 2000 units is the special value of the fund. The pearls of human thought and the typological art of the I-XX centuries represent it. It contains a rich collection of pre-revolutionary publications, books and periodicals of those years.

The library has rich collections of CD-s and DVD-s.


1. Chulyan Anna- Head of library
2. Vardanyan Silva - Deputy Administrator

Processing section
1. Markosyan Gohar – head of section
2. Barsegyan Taguhi
3. Meliq-Aghadjanyan Tamara
4. Davtyan Liana
5. Hayryan Karmen

Subscription section
1. Papoyan Gayane
2. Khachatryan Anahit
3. Hunanyan Svetlana
4. Manucharyan Lusine
5. Saqoyan Gayane
6. Golinec Vivianna
7. Levonyan Laura
8. Aristakesyan Svetlana
9. Gevorgyan Zhanna

Tel: 538-164
E-mail: library@brusov.am

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