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1. http://lib.ru
Contemporary Russian prose, Russian and Foreign poetry, translations, fantastic, detectives, history and so on

2. http://www.klassika.ru
The Library of Classic Literature. Encyclopedia of Poetry (including more than 600 literary terms).Great collection of poetry, prose, biographies of different authors.

3. http://www.rsl.ru
Russian State Library ("Leninka").

4. http://elibron.com/english
Online reading in English: literature, art, music (free).

5. http://bnf.fr
National Library of France. Bibliotèque nationale de France.

6. http://www.ddb.de
National library of Germany.

7. http://www.shpl.ru
State Public Historical library of Russia.

8. http://gramota.ru
Spelling, dictionaries, rules, art of speech.

9. http://www.ifla.org
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

The Federal Center of the Educational Legislation

10. http://www.un.am
UNO Armenia Library

11. http://www.crrc.am
Eurasia Foundation

12. http://www.disser.h10.ru
Library of dissertations, synopsis, conferences.

13. http://www.ruscorpora.ru
Corps of Russian language is an information system, based on the collection of Russian e-texts.

14. http://www.vem.am
All about Armenia, (religious, history of the Church, traditions, culture, music, radio, news, society and problems.... ) for foreigners.

Learning Languages

1. http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/e/
How to learn any lagnuage

2. http://apuzik.deutschesprache.ru
History of German, Lectures, accessory materials for practice works, texts of various periods of the history of German language, dictionaries, articles, electronic linguistic library. Theory and practice of translation, Linguistic programs".



1. http://www.elckiev.org/tests/
Kolpakchi M. A., Friendly meetings with the English Language Testing knowledge of Grammar. Detailed information is provided on strong and weak sides in the context of grammar topics .

2. http://www.better-english.com/grammar.htm
English for businessmen: grammar, glossary, simple texts and exercises using relevant lexics.

3. http://www.rong-chang.com/grammar.htm
The most complete and extended explanations of some grammar topics in English

4. http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTitle/productCd-0764553224.html
English Grammar For Dummies

5. http://www.dmoz.org/Kids_and_Teens/School_Time/English/Grammar/
Intersting footnotes on English grammar

6. http://www.efl.ru/tests/grammar_int
Grammar texts

7. http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/330/grammar/
English grammar in English online

8. http://www.nonstopenglish.com/
Exercises for grammar drill

9. http://www.toefl.ru/test.shtml
Sample for TOEFL examination

10. http://sokolwlad.narod.ru/english/latin.html
Good detailed English grammar

11. http://www.englishdaily626.com
Typical mistakes in English, conversational expressions, grammar, slang, proverbs

12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/index.shtml
BBC radiostation lessons

13. http://www.languageguide.org/english/
English in pictures

14. http://rvb.ru
Electronic library of Russian literature of XVIII century , beginning of XIX century, Russian literature of XIX century, Russian literature and critics of XX century.

15. http://www.rusjaz.da.ru
Linguistic, semiotics, handouts, literature.

16. http://www.multikulti.ru/English/info/English info 104.html
English Grammar.


1. http://www.cognitivelinguistics.org/research.shtml
Scientific-educational portal Linguistics in Russian: resources for researchers.

2. http://www.philology.ru
Philological portal of Philology.ru an attempt to briefly introduce different information relating to philology as theoretical and applied science in Internet. The center of portal is the library of Philological texts ( monographs, articles, handouts )

3. http://uisrussia.msu.ru/linguist/_J_prilozhenia.jsp
Scientific-educational portal Linguistics in Russian: resources for researchers

4. http://old.eu.spb.ru/ethno/ethno_links.htm#
References to resources on linguistics and some adjacent disciplines (semiotics and psycholinguistics) in the Internet

5. http://vjanetta.narod.ru/articles.html
Scientific articles on linguistics

6. http://www.garshin.ru/website/best/top-ling.html
Best linguistic portals and ratings, best web-resources with classification of languages

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

1. http://www.odele.ru/edu
Online encyclopedias, dictionaries, translators.

2. http://www.encyclopedia.ru/encyclopedias.html
Encyclopedias, the world of encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries, reference-books. Everything concerning encyclopedic publications.

3. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/
Mandatory MLA format for articles and thesis for students

4. http://www.wikipedia.org/
The Free Encyclopedia 1 73 000+articles

5. http://bukinist.agava.ru>
Bukinist" research system is designed for the research of books and other electronic texts, available in free access on Internet.

Mass Media

1. http://www.arvest.am
The journal on Culture and Art in Armenian.

2. http://www.mayfieldpub.com/baran
Center of Mass Media Education

3. http://www.azg.am
Social Political Newspaper of Armenia

4. http://www.aravot.am
Daily Social Political Newspaper

5. http://www.mn.ru
Moscow News" (newspaper)

6. http://www.izvestia.ru
Daily Internet publication

7. http://www.spyur.am
Business Directory.

8. http://www.armeniainfo.am
Independent News Agency.

9. http://www.newspaperindex.com/en/newspapers/USA
The best online newspapers in USA

10. http://news.tech-caste.ru/index.php?tid=11985
Newspapers of Russia regions

11. http://www.all-links.com/newscentral/
Links of American Newspapers


1. http://www.nga.gov/
National gallery of art

2. http://www.metmuseum.org
Metropolitan museum of art

3. http://eserver.org/
English server (Social Sciences)
The EServer is a growing online community where hundreds of writers, artists, editors and scholars gather to publish works as open archives, available free of charge to readers.

4. http://www.bartleby.com/
Project Bartleby can be used for research (articles, course&diploma papers).

5. http://www.countries.ru/library.htm
Books on journalistic, pedagogy, culturology, theory of literature, linguistics.

6. http://www.zipsites.ru
Catalogue of sites and books archives, philosophy, psychology, dictionary, encyclopedias, dissertations, linguistics, philology, literature, study of literature, culturology.

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