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The main tendencies and the content of the scientific research work carried out by the University chairs are conditioned by the structural peculiarities and the scientific potential of the University. The main tendencies of the University activities are:
1) Linguistic policy
2) Romance and Germanic philology
3) Textbooks and manuals for schools and higher educational institutions
4) Theory of translation, applied problems of theory of translation, translation practice
5) Compiling dictionaries
6) General linguistics, general problems of applied linguistics, comparative typology (in the fields of grammar, lexicology, stylistics and syntax of the text)
7) Theoretical and practical problems of the Armenian language
8) Problems of Armenian Literature and History of Art
9) Problems of the Modern and Contemporary History of the Armenian people
10) Economic and political problems of the transforming society
11) History of philosophical thought
12) History of religion
13) Theory and Practice of Pedagogics and Methods of Teaching Languages
14) Area Studies of the language major
15) Social Psychology, Psychology of personality and development, clinical psychology, sexology
16) European and American Literature, Literature Studies
17) Theory of culture
18) Problems of emergency situations.

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