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Grant Awards

Both the lecturers and the students of the University often participate in different competitions and win grants. A great number of students get the opportunity to improve their knowledge in the country of the majoring language.
The following grants have been won lately:
1) Electronic information for libraries (Open Society Foundation- Armenia)
2) The language of tourism for humanitarian and practical use (Euro-Asia Foundation)
3) A course in Human Rights (Open Society Foundation- Armenia)
4) Books for civic society (Open Society Foundation- Armenia)
5) Methodology of teaching foreign language, specialized teaching of Languages
6) Grant for joint conferences with MLD of the EC “Language Policy in multi-lingual Europe” (1997) and “Foreign languages in Armenia. New concept and educational programmes” (1998)
7) Grant for publishing materials of European Year of Languages, held by the EC in 2001
8) Grant for setting up UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Democracy
9) Grant for holding the third conference on South Caucasian higher educational establishments network sponsored by UNESCO.
10) Grant for Writing for a Democracy and a Market Economy

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